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Who are we?

We reside in the future!
At the center of the new bold and audacious Saudi future lay Tabuk Investments & Tourism. It’s an independent firm with Saudi roots and local reach specialized in the tourism and hospitality industry with extensive experience in tourism development, investment promotion, facilities management, full-service catering, event management, and destination marketing. Our whole existence revolves around developing successful and sustainable tourism destinations shaping new memorable adventures for a worldwide audience.
Not only do we own and develop, but we also share our passion by managing and helping other world-class facilities like hotels, resorts, and residential compounds.

How we do it?

We harness our tourism experts’ network bringing together a talented team to deliver the best strategic plans and management methods. We help our clients achieve their goals by implementing our deep-rooted industrial and functional expertise to understand and attend to our partners in success’ specific needs. We offer made-to-measure solutions for complex business environments and provide specific direction and insights that help our partners witness an ultimate transformation by delivering measurable outstanding growth along with sustainable results. Not only managing but also we provide catering and event planning services for your events no matter where they are or how many people are invited! Our whole process is designed to empower your property!

Why joins us?

Something big is about to happen; It’s even beyond your imagination! Do you want to be a part of the tourism revolution? The one changing the face of the tourism industry in the KSA forever? Join us now to put you on the map!
Our specialists are passionate and highly motivated with a pragmatic, entrepreneurial, and ingenious mindset.
They are committed to delivering sustainable strategies and are determined to realize lasting success.

Facility Management

Our Management Strategies are designed to empower your campuses and compounds!

Hotel management

We Listen, understand, and attend to your hotel’s specific needs.



Creating unforgettable events that speak for your business.

Digital hospitality


Expand and Extend your presence from the on-ground field to the online arena.

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