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We reside in the future!
At the center of the new bold and audacious future lay Tabuk Investments & Tourism. It’s an independent firm with Saudi roots and local reach specialized in the tourism and hospitality industry with extensive experience in tourism development, investment promotion, facilities management, full-service catering, event management, and destination marketing. Our whole existence revolves around developing successful and sustainable tourism destinations shaping new memorable adventures for a worldwide audience..

We offer our partners and clients a once in a lifetime chance, which is to be included in the new extraordinary future of KSA!

Develop Hospitality Provide Excellent Service Build For The Future

Our mission is to achieve exponential growth by forming strategic partnerships that allow us to invest in building new hotels, acquire existing properties in lucrative markets, and reposition underperforming hotels for development.


Live Up To The Highest Standards Be The Partner Of Choice
A National Leading Hotel Operator

Be a leading company to work side by side with the new significant transformations happening to achieve the spectacular 2030 vision of the Saudi Arabia, starring the most significant project ever “NEOM”. We are working towards being a part of that extraordinary transformation, along with our partners in success.


We have played a leading role in developing, managing, and promoting several grades A facilities. Moreover, We have ensured that tourism brings great benefits to our partners through effective strategies and innovative management techniques



Since we are changing the face of tourism, one hotel, compound, complex, and mini-resort at a time, Here is a glimpse of our magnificent projects.

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The collaboration unites us! There’s no problem so challenging that we can’t tackle it collectively. Working as a team, we harness our knowledge, long experience, and the worker’s flaming energy.

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